Interstitial cystitis is a common disease characterized by recurring discomfort or pain in the bladder and sometimes in your pelvis. The cause of interstitial cystitis is multifaceted. As of 2011, there is no cure, but treatments may provide some relief from the symptoms. For patients who do not respond to oral therapy, a medication called dimethyl sulfoxide, or DMSO, may be used for the treatment of interstitial cystitis. Talk to your urologist before using DMSO. 

DMSO is one of the mainstays in the treatment of interstitial cystitis. DMSO has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for bladder instillation, also called a bladder wash or bath. The treatment involves placing DMSO in your bladder through a small, thin and flexible tube called a catheter, which is inserted up the urethra into the bladder. The injected DMSO liquid is held in the bladder for 15 minutes before being expelled through urination. Treatment may be given weekly for six to eight weeks and then repeated as needed.

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