Instructions For Removing Your Foley Catheter



Removing your Foley Catheter:
1 Place a small basin or bowl under the inflation port and a towel to protect the bed. 
2 Using scissors, cut the inflation port tubing before it reaches the main tubing of the 
3 A small amount of water will drain from the inflation port, showing that the balloon 
inside has deflated. 
4 After all the water has drained out, slowly pull out the catheter until it is completely 
5 If you cannot remove the catheter with only slight pulling, notify your health care 
provider immediately. Do not force the catheter by pulling too hard. Come to the clinic 
or the Emergency Department for assistance. 
6 Be careful not to cut the catheter anywhere else. 
Notify your health care provider if you are unable to urinate within 8 hours after catheter 
removal, or if your abdomen becomes distended and painful.