Intructions for UROFLOW TEST



Your Urologist is ordering a special voiding test on you. This test is to check the force of your stream, the amount your bladder can hold, and how long it takes for you to empty your bladder.

For the above reasons, it is IMPERATIVE that you come to the office with as full a bladder as possible.The test needs to be done before your visit with the doctor so he can look it over to decide what steps need to be taken next - if any. We ask that you not void for at least 4 hours during which time you should drink between 2-4 8oz glasses of water. 

If you feel that you will not be able to hold your urine for that long. you are welcome to come to the office after drinking at least 2 glasses of water at home. Your cooperation is imperative for this test to be of any value to your Doctor.